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 What is the product in BEpic?

         ELEV8 Is A One Capsule Per Day Product. 
            | Instant Gratification - works in 15 mins

            | 50% daily requirement of fruits and vegetables
            | Powerful elixir of Energy, Vitality and Overall Health
            | Extract Technology to help you perform at a very high level
            | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee On Any Order.  No Questions Asked.

 What is the cost of ELEV8?
         There are 3 different options to try ELEV8: 
            | $24.95 - 10 Day Supply (25 BV)

            | $49.95 - 30 Day Supply (50 BV) 
            | $89.95 - 60 Day Supply  + 10 FREE Samples (75 BV) 

 What are the ingredients in ELEV8?
         Here is the product Label for ELEV8: 

 Is ELEV8, FDA Approved?
No.  The FDA only approves drugs.  ELEV8 is not a drug, it is a whole food supplement, and therefore is not required to go through a FDA approval process.

What is the BEpic Company info?
            | Pre-Launched in 180 countries - Nov 11th 2016

            | President & CEO:  Mr. Eric Caprarese
            | Located:  State-of-the-Art Cloud Based - MFG  is in Utah 

 How Do I Contact Customer Support?
         Once you place any order of ELEV8, you will have your own back office with your own
         account details, order history, and customer support.  Just login & click on "Help"

How Do I Login To My Account?
         Once you place any order of ELEV8, you will have your own back office with your own
         account details, order history, and customer support.  

         To login go to: 
         and Click "Sign In" 

 I Forgot My Password, what do I do?
         Click on "Sign In" Enter and enter your username.
         then Click on "Forgot Password"

 How do I change my Password?
         Login, Click on Home then click on "Update Password"

 How do I order just as a Customer?
         Use your referring members website address - Click Here.
         then click on "Order" You can purchase any pack / supply of ELEV8.  

         then choose your Country, and next select your desired pack / supply of ELEV8 for
         purchase, enter your billing details, and you are done, your Elev8 will be on the way!

I have medical questions, who should i contact?
        Altho ELEV8 is a whole food supplement, it is important to consult your doctor for any
        personal medical questions you may have, you can share the product label & ingredients.

Do I have to do the business of referring new associates to BEpic?
         No.  However with your first order of ELEV8, you do receive your own back office, and
         free website at no additional charge.  So if you choose to refer someone to try ELEV8 
         at a later time, you can simply use your own free business website, to do so.  
         To see more you can view:

             Watch the Corporate Opportunity Video Here.

             See the Full Compensation Plan PDF Here.

What payment method do you accept?
         Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express         

What is the return policy?
         Within 30 Days of order purchase, (No questions asked) money back guarantee.

How do I contact my sponsor in BEpic?
        Log in to your Back Office, Scroll down the right side under "Your Sponsor"     

How can I Cancel my membership?
        Log in to your Back Office, Click on Home, then "Account Profile"  Scroll to the bottom of
        the page, Click on "Close your account"    

Are there any NEW Sizzle Calls?  YES!  3 Great Calls you can invite or 3-way your guests to:

             Under 5 Minutes! Sizzle Call ... 518-556-1724
             With Eva...  641-715-3900 pin 861909# 
             With Larry... 712-775-7039 pin 558842#  

 Do you have team training for new members?  YES!
        In addition from what corporate will provide new members, we also have a team training
       website for free, with all team resources & business training, plus any support or
       assistance we can provide to all of our BEpic team members.

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